Trendy Plus Size Teen Clothing

Fashion trends are constantly changing and lucky for you the trendy plus size teen clothing industry is at an all time high offering a variety of plus size clothing at low prices.  Now is a great time for plus size teenagers to begin the foundations to build on permanent wardrobe items.  Start to buy just a few basic items now and continue to build on your basic plus size essentials, over time you will be able to mix & match all your clothing for a  different  look every day. Try to buy good quality foundation clothing, the items below are from My Shape and they offer excellent quality garments all designed by leading labels like Newport New, Speigel, etc so they will last you for many years to come and save you money in the long term. Once you have your foundation items each year you should be able to just add a few new stylish plus size tops just to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Slowly build yourself a wardrobe of foundation items or items that don’t date including:

  • a pair of dark stretch jeans & leggings
  • a pair of light capri’s
  • a little black dress (everyone needs one)
  • a pair of dressy shoes
  • a jacket
  • a good quality longish white top with sleeves & one without sleeves
  • a pair of dress pants

The items above are just a few foundation  items of clothing that everyone needs to have in their wardrobe. In time you will become really good at working out what plus size clothing dates quickly so we try not to spend to much money on those items.  Always look for good quality plus size jeans, plus size skirts and plus size pants preferably in colours that you see year in year out and if they are on sale even better.  Bright colours come and go quickly so don’t spend a fortune on bright colours just buy a trendy plus size tops, plus size vest or plus size sweaters to add the colour of the day or pick up some beautiful fashion accessories to dress up your favourite outfit like scarves, belts, jewelry and shoes.

Must-Have Slim Leggings Price $19

Jeanology Distressed Denim Jean Jacket Price $49.00

Stretch Ballet Neck Tee Price: $24

Ok! so there are three plus size items to start you off all for less than $100.

Now  you are ready to add the trendy plus size teenagers touches from Alight, Figuresque, Delia’s or Light In The Box at the plus size shop


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