The Mother Of The Bride “Something To Remember”

The wedding bells are ringing the date is drawing near, I have been so very busy, fussing here and there, I’ve had no time to worry, about what I’m going to wear!

Looking through my wardrobe at clothes I have worn just once or twice, to good to throw away as I had paid a hefty price. For many years I have kept them and time keeps marching on, I am waiting for an occasion to put those clothes back on.

Now my clothes they smelt a bit musty so I lay them on my bed, as I looked at them more closely these thoughts run through my head. They look quite a bit smaller than I remembered  them to be or maybe, or hadn’t I really not noticed the extra weight on me.

 My daughter she is almost ready for her very special day, after 16 months of planning and spending all her pay. She ordered her bridal dress online while browsing “plussize4you“, the delivery date is here and the dress arrives on que.  She was really quite excited as she jumped around the room, she couldn’t wait to try it on and parade around the room.

Plus size Bridal At Light In The Box


The dress was finish in fine details requiring a steady hand, sewn in by skilled professionals who really understand. I could see the dress was packaged with gentle love and care, reassuring to me that you can ship across to our far land. As she made a grand  entrance back into the room it took my breath away, I had never seen her look more beautiful as she stood in that dress today. The dress, it fitted perfectly, which doesn’t come as a surprise, as she took it very seriously while working out her size.

The support online was very helpful and gave the right advice, which is a “must” for everyone don’t pay the ultimate price. Avoid the disappointment further down the track. Be true to your size before you buy, as I believe there is nothing worse than sending something back!

My daughter went to change her dress and left me in the room, I needed to confide in her  about my recent gloom. I didn’t know how to tell her, I wasn’t ready for her day. The tears welded in my eyes as I was about to say. I raised my head to talk to her but she was not paying attention she had a smile from ear to ear and clearly had intention. As looked into her eyes I could plainly see, she was carrying another dress,  a lovely surprise for me.

My very special daughter had ordered a dress for me, some how she knew my measurements and my size to be. I am so proud of my daughter she fills my heart with pride and these are the special moments of the mother of the bride. I don’t know how she did I haven’t got a clue I am just so glad she was browsing at a site called plusize4you.

Plus Size Mother Of The Bride At Womensuits


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