New World Shearing Record Set In Australia

At 6pm tonight Aaron Hemley from Calawaddain in the western district of Victoria, set a new world shearing record. Aaron showed great strength, determination and physical fitness as he completed a 48 hour long marathon, shearing 904 sheep today to raise money for charity. It’s moments like this that I am proud to be an Aussie.

Aaron has been training for this event since early march and had to give up the cigarettes and cut right down on the alcohol in order to achieve the level of fitness required to tackle such a  challenge. His training included: weekly bike rides of 100 kilometres, 20 kilometres running and regular training sessions at the gym.

I was there today to witness the conclusion of the 48 hour shearing event and Aaron was a little bit wonky on his feet towards the end but he was still able to enjoy the moment with the crowd. It was wonderful to see such a great effort from a guy who said he just wanted to give something back to the community.

It warms my heart to think that somebody would go through this gruelling test of endurance to benefit others.  Aaron has his mind set on raising $200,000.00 (still falling short) in an effort to help other by donating the money raised, to the Stawell oncology unit in the small country towns local hospital. The money will be used to renovation and update their current oncology facilities.

This story is so real to me, as my daughter (from Stawell ) has just completed six months of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with for Hodgkin’s disease (cancer). I know full well the emotional roller coaster that families face when confronted with this nasty disease, anything that can make this journey a little easier will be very much appreciated by everybody in and beyond the western district.

Aaron Hemley from Callawadda Sets New World Shearing Record

Thank you Aaron from the bottom of my heart and everyone else’s, it’s people like you that make a difference in our world.


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