Plus Size Or Not! Is a size 14 a “Plus” Plus Size Clothing A Good Indication

The fashion industry has been in the headlines quite a lot lately with the Plus Size Models hitting the cat walks all over the world in their fight for acceptance of the average sized women in the fashion industry and in our society. Although these women’s  sizes range from 10-14 they are referred to as “plus”.

The statistic have clearly shown that over 1/3 of women are either in a size 14 or larger, so how can a size 14 woman be referred to as “plus”.  I for one, find this in its self a set back in our effort in trying to get our society to accept a more “attainable” body image of the average sized woman. While I think these models look absolutely fabulous in a size 10-14 and present an accurate display of a healthy average sized woman I still think the “Plus” should be only be used by women who actually buy plus sized clothing and they still need to be represented by even curvier models in the fashion industry. Maybe we could have three categories on the runway small, average and plus with models in each category wearing clothing specifically designed for their shape and size.

With 62% of American women now shopping for plus sizes the demand for plus sized clothing has increased significantly in the past 12 months and not surprisingly the fashion designers are starting to take notice. Marc Jacobs is set to launch a new range in plus size clothing next year and Even’s is gearing up to open a new plus size teen line. This should give plus sized women more options when shopping for plus sizes in styles that have in the past only been designed for the smaller sizes.

Untill we all have access to these designer clothes for plus sizes “which still could take some time” you might like to browse over the variety of shops that are already leading the way within the plus size clothing industry at


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