Stylish Plus Size Maternity Wear

Women’s stylish plus size maternity tops that look great and feel comfy. Destination Maternity have 25 stylish plus size maternity tops to view that range in price from $9.99 to $35.00  The top below is selling for the low price of $9.99 (reduced from $29.98). Destination Maternity also carry a variety of  “Must Have” plus size maternity underwear and plus size maternity hosiery that provides the proper support for your body in all the right places.

Plus Size Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Beaded Detail Maternity Shirt

After reading the four out of five-star rating I would like you to know this top has a very low neckline and I suggest you go a size smaller than usual. Very comfy and generous fit.

The women’s plus size bottoms category have some really nice plus size denim including: American Star Plus Size  Cuffed Maternity Crop Jeans that have a Secret Fit Belly to support your tummy during pregnancy. The plus size capri pants below are selling for $49.98 and would look great with any stylish top.

American Star Plus Size Secret Fit Belly™ Cuffed Maternity Crop Jeans

These plus size Capri pants range from a 1x -3x and the denim is of good quality they have a 3.8 star rating out of five and the only problem from one review said she wished the tummy support was in a darker colour other wise they are very comfy.

I really think that women’s plus size leggings are a “must have” item for all women and especially those  expecting, they are so comfortable and affordable. Priced at just $21.98 they look fantastic under your favourite long top or can be worn under a dress.

Jersey Knit Slim Leg Maternity Legging

These plus size leggings range from a 1x-3x and have the all important secret tummy support for some reason we haven’t got a rating on these legging yet but I’m sure they will live up to the high quality garments available through  in the Motherhood Maternity range at Destination Maternity.

  • I have had three children and have found no reason for wearing only maternity wear! There are a lot of stylish designs available that can easily be worn like these stylish plus size tops, plus size dresses and plus size sweaters from My Shape. They look fantastic with  your plus size leggings or plus size jeans.
  • Plus-Size Babydoll Top with Handkerchief Hem Price $58.00

    Cotton Hi-Lo Tee Priced: $34.00

    Oversized Cotton Fleece Tunic Price: $29.00

    Plus-Size Stretch-Mesh Animal-Print Dress Price: $85.90


    At we offer you the opportunity to browse over a variety of shops in one location, this helps you find the specific style that suits you best. The items above are from just a few from our selection of women’s plus size shops that cater exclusively for curvy women who just love to shop.


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