Tailor Made Plus Size Jeans You Choose What You Need!

We all want to get a perfect fit in women’s plus size jeans but often we basically settle for a good fit around the waist which usually means the leg length is way to long or they look baggy around you rear end. The best solution is to get a pair of CUSTOM MADE PLUS SIZE JEANS MADE TO SUIT YOUR INDIVIDUAL BODY SHAPE at Indi Denim a guarantee perfect fit every time.

Have you ever thought of getting your plus size jeans tailor made to suit your unique bodyshape?  May be you have considered this and think it will cost you an arm and a leg. Well the thing is that tailor made plus size jeans are the best thing since sliced bread and well worth every cent you pay for them. These plus size jeans compliment your curves and are designed exclusively to suit the individual shape of plus size women over a size 16. Choose your own features, style, colour and fit first then include your own measurements and size, pay just  $155 for your new women’s plus size jeans that fit like a glove with out the need for any adjustments, this price includes free shipping worldwide that’s right no shipping cost at all!

Let’s consider the benefits of getting a pair of tailor made plus size jeans.

1. All jeans are made in the fabric “Pacific” which is a mix of 93%cotton, 5%poly and 2%spandex. This fabric is a lightweight, super-stretch denim that is soft to touch, remarkably stretchy, and won’t get baggy after multiple wears.


Plus Size Dark Wash Jeans

 1. You get to choose the fit for your hips: plus, slim, relaxed  or trouser. You get to choose between a low rise – 1.5-2.5″ below belly button an average rise that sits 1″ below or just below belly button or a high rise that sits at or near belly button, depending on the length of your torso.

2.You get to choose your style  and special features : plus size skinny jeans, plus size straight jeans, plus size wide jeans or plus size bootcut jeans. Choose your hem size or cuff size, would you like a coin pocket, choose your favourite shape and design of the pockets, would you like back pocket embellishment and  do you want your plus size jeans with a plain finish or may-be a distressed look. Choose your own features like a zipper or buttons, it’s all your choice. You have  a choice of colour from light denim, dark denim, rinse denim or black denim.

3. Then we comes the most important part your measurements, height, weight, waist, inseam, bra size, bra cup and pant size. This information is essential in determining your specific body shape. The measurment must be accurate and all information is required so your body shape can be determined before your plus size jeans are made to order. 

Shopping online at plussize4you.com give plus sizes, plus size tall and plus size petite the best selection of shops selling Women’s Plus Size Clothing, Plus Size Designer Clothing and Plus Size Teen Clothing. We offer curvy women the opportunity to view  a variety of stylish Plus Size Jeans, Plus Size Pants, Plus Size Evening Wear, Plus size Sweaters, Plus Size Intimates, Plus Size Dresses, Plus Size Tops, Plus Size Bottoms and Ladies Fragrances, Designer Handbags and more  at one location making your shopping experience easy.


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