Plus Size Jeans And Plus Size Pants In Your Favourite Design

Have you been searching for that special pair of plus size jeans or plus size pants and not been able to find them in your size? Well check this out, over 138 stylish pairs of plus size jeans and plus size pants between size 14 and size 32 and all in the same place “Curvissa”.

Straight Leg Plus size Jeans

Straight Leg Plus Size Jeans Price: £42.00

Curvissa is a onlineU.K. women’s plus size shop that specialises in women’s plus size clothes for curvy women of any age. Their range of trendy jeans include, straight leg plus size jeans, stretch bootcut plus size jeans, boyfriend cut plus size jeans, cropped plus size  jeans, flared plus size jeans and even vintage style plus size  jeans in a variety of wash denim shades and colours.

Vintage Style Stretch Plus Size Jeans

Vintage Style Stretch Plus Size Jeans Price: £45.00

For career girls and ladies Curvissa, has a stylish selection of plus size tailored trousers either with pinstripes plus size pants, straight leg plus size pants or the classic style plus size trousers all made using a mix of polyester, viscose and elastine to make an extremely stretchy fabric that is very comfy to wear. The tailored category includes matching jackets, blazers and waistcoats.

Tailored Stetch Trousers

Tailored Stretch Plus Size Trousers Price: £35.00

Women’s plus size leggings or plus size jeggings depending on what term you like to use,  always look great coupled with any of the new stylish tunic dresses or long sweater tops. These plus size legging are the perfect wardrobe item because they are so versatile, you can wear them with high heels, boots , runners or  flat sole pending on what you have planned for the day.

Plain Stretch Plus Size Jeggings

Plain Stretch Plus Size Jeggings Price: £35.00

The pair of plus size jeggings/plus size leggings above have a real denim look and are made  from 97% cotton and 3% elastane and designed with an extra narrow legs and an elasticized waistband for your added comfort. The moonwash stretch plus size jeans below are the perfect example of the variety of stylish plus size jeans available for all age groups.

Moonwash Stretch Jeans

Moonwash Stretch Jeans Price:£42.00

Curvissa has joined my chosen selection of plus size shops online available for women of any shape or size to browse over at plussize4you.  Shopping online for plus size jeans and plus size pants is quickly becoming the chosen way for thousands of women everyday the main reason being the convenience, variety and low prices.


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