Plus Size Jeans For All Shapes And Sizes

Have you tried all the different women’s plus size jeans labels and still found the jeans aren’t a good fit. I can tell you where to find women’s plus size clothing shops that sell a variety of stylish women’s plus size jeans (just visit plussize4you) but that is not what this blog is about. Check out the picture below of the plus size jeans they look great yeh!

Low Rise Duboce Skinny 5 Pocket Plus Size Jean Price:$192

Usually if you’re not the perfect hour-glass shape and a bit on the short or tall side it is really hard to find those perfect fitting women’s plus size jeans.

Women with an apple or pair body shape often have to put up with jeans that are far too big or small around the waist, tight and uncomfortable to wear and as a result tend to get them off as quick as possible. Then go back to wearing the old favourite sloppy Joes and track pants that don’t look so good but they are so comfy.

A good fitting pair of jeans always look smart and dressy and we all need a least one comfy pair right so why not get a pair now that will give you a comfy fit and your money’s worth in wear. I think it is the right time to get your curvy figure into a pair of women’s plus size jeans from Indi Denim that you will love to wear.

Low Rise SOMA Straight 5 Pocket Plus Size Jeans

Low Rise SOMA Straight 5 Pocket Plus Size Jeans Price:$190

Indi Denim has the perfect solution for all women’s body shapes and plus sizes. It will cost a little more than buying your plus size jeans off the rake but it is well worthwhile for a pair of plus size jeans that fit snuggly around your waist with no pulling or pressure points around your thighs or crutch and exactly the right length.

Presidio Trouser Plus Size Jeans with Flare Leg

Presidio Trouser Plus Size Jean with Flare Leg Price: $180.00

With prices starting at $175.00 you get to choose exactly what you want in your plus size jeans, choose your style whether it be bootcut, classic, skinny then choose your colour, your fabric denim (stretch) your colour denim from (dark, light, distressed), your pockets, a zip or button fly then with your measurements the plus size jeans are made exclusively for you.

Low Rise Noe Bootcut 5 Pocket Plus Size Jeans

Low Rise Noe Bootcut 5 Pocket Plus Size Jeans Price:$175

I know it seems expensive but these women’s plus size jeans can not be found at any shop they are your own design made for you and I really think once you have a pair and they fit so good you will seriously consider getting another pair.

I would like to wish each and every plus size reader a very Merry Xmas and many super saving with the Christmas Specials in the new year. From Plussize4you XX

Women's Plus Size Jeans

Yours Clothing

I just found out that indi denim has closed down the pic above is from Yours a great place to get your plus size jeans and they offer really cheap shipping eg: 12 garments for $15. Go to for more info.


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