Plus Size Rockabilly, Retro, Vintage? No Problems!

I have noticed 100o’s of online searches are made everyday from ladies looking for Rockabilly Dresses in plus sizes. These dresses are really quiet hard to find in plus sizes especially for a reasonable price, so I am happy to introduce you to a great little online store that offers customers original styles in plus size rockabilly, plus size vintage and plus size retro styles and at the lowest price I have found online.

Oh! And I must not forget the fact that they also ship worldwide, so no matter what corner of the world you live in, you can have your new plus size rockabilly dress delivered to your doorstep!

Check Out Chic Star !!

Plus Size Rockabilly Polka-Dot Halter Dress Price $45.95

Back View Plus Size Rockabilly Polka-Dot Halter Dress

The plus size rockabilly dress above is a 50’s style polka dot plus size rockabilly dress and features include  a gathered bust, a full flared skirt and the ever so popular halter neck. The center zip in the back and mix of 97% cotton and 3% spandex makes this dress easy to wear and machine washable.

The plus size rockabilly dress is available in sizes 18 to size 28 and is approximately 38.46 inches in length.

I’m sort of thinking if you like rockabilly your also going to like this plus size retro number below. This Plus-size Retro Polka-Dot Swing Dress features polka dot material inserts in the bust tie and in the front and back pleats that flare out to the hem line. This originally designed Plus-size Retro Polka-Dot Swing Dress is a steal at just $59.95 !

Plus Size Retro Polka-Dot Swing Dress Price: $59.95

Back View Plus-size Retro Polka-Dot Swing Dress

Back View Plus-size Retro Polka-Dot Swing Dress

The Plus Size Fishtail Sailor Style Dress pictured blow also caught my eye as well! This plus size retro /plus size vintage dress looks adorable with its wide collar to show your neckline and the fact that it is soooo very fitted to show off a curvy figure,  a though just ran through my mind how hard is it to get in and out of? Of course the side zipper!

Plus Size Fishtail Sailor Style Dress

Plus Size Fishtail Sailor Style Dress Price:$79.95

At Chic Star customers will find a variety of plus size retro, plus size rockabilly and plus size vintage styles in plus size dresses, plus size tops and plus size skirts here is a sample of what your going to find.

Plus Size Three Tiered Tail-skirt

Three Tiered Tail Plus Size skirt

Plus Size High-waist Suspenders Skirt

High-waist Suspenders Plus Size Skirt

Belted Ruffled Plus-Size Dress

Belted Ruffled Plus-Size Dress

Visit plussize4you to check out all of the women’s plus size clothing shops that catter exclusively for plus sizes and mostly all shipping internationally including Chic Star.


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