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“Alight” The Plus Size Clothing Destination For Teens, Girls And Women

The Alight’s women’s plus size clothing collection  is quite extensive and caters to a wide range of age groups, although today  I have chosen to display clothing suitable for a plus size teenagers and young ladies.  This range of women’s plus size clothing covers everthing from easy to wear casual clothing like the Black Boston Plus Size Dress pictured below to extremely extravagant women’s plus size evening wear, prom dresses or sexy plus size clubwear.

Plus size teenagers and young adults will love to shop at Alight as they have over 70 pages of stylish dresses and the prices offer good value for money!

The Black Boston Plus Size Dress below not only looks great on it can be worn in three different styles. Wow! Yes it is a convertible dress, so you get a halter top plus size dress, a strapless plus size dress and a skirt all in one. Alight offers this plus size dress in sizes up to a 3X (size 32) so no one misses out.

Black Boston Plus Size Dress

Black Boston Plus Size Dress
Price: $39.00

The Survivor Plus Size Maxi Dress below is probably one of the better maxi dresses I have seen in a plus size especially at this price. This plus size maxi dress (pg 18 at Alight)  has adjustable straps with a touch of beading, an empire waist that is highlighted with lace and looks just gorgeous on it’s own or worn with a black bolero or cropped cardi if your arms are not your best asset.

The Survivor Plus Size Maxi Dress

The Survivor Plus Size Maxi Dress
Price: $45.00

Alight also offers over 5 pages of women’s plus size jeans that are well worth checking out even though the jeans range only goes up to a size 26. With brand names like Bt Mxak, Kiss Therapy, Angels, Exocent Blu Vineyard, Mecca Femme, Revolt (the list goes on!) your bound to find something to your liking.

The trendy plus size jeans I am going to show are priced at just $44.00 and made by Exocet. The colored animal print plus size jeans below are made in a stretchy  fabric, a button fly and 5 open pockets. Sorry but these jeans are selling fast and the sizes left are 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22.

Colored Animal Print Plus Size Jeans

Colored Animal Print Plus Size Jeans
Price: $44.00

The Get Belted Plus Size Capri’s by Revolt Jeans pictured below are the perfect choice to wear with your favourite tee in the warmer months.  These smartly styled plus size capri’s have a smallish cuffed hem, 5 open pockets with decorative stitching on the back ones and a button fly closure. Usually priced at $42.00 these plus size capri’s  are on sale for just $29.99.

The sizes left are size 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22. Be Quick!

Get Belted Plus Size Capri's by Revolt Jeans

Get Belted Plus Size Capri’s
Priced: $29.99

Women’s Plus Size Tops, plus size teenage tops and girls plus size tops – Alight has over 3000 (quick count) to choose from in size 12 to size 34 and generally priced around $30.00.  Check A Few Out Below!

The Orange Party Lines Plus Size Top by Alight pictured below will brighten up any outfit. This fashionable plus size top (up to size 34) has short sleeves, dot print front and a longer hem at the back.

Party Lines Plus Size Top

Party Lines Plus Size Top
Price: $32.00

Home Run Plus Size Top by Alight $32.00

Going Places Plus Size Top

Going Places Plus Size Top
Price: $32.00

Going Places Plus Size Top by Alight $32.00

Going Places Plus Size Top
Price: $32.00

At we offer a variety of online women’s plus size clothing stores for you to browse over. These hand picked shops all sell quality women’s plus size clothing and most ship international right to your door step.


New Trendy Plus Size Teenager / Young Women’s Clothing At Alloy

Alloy has a fantastic range of new fashion in plus size clothing for young women and trendy plus size teenagers at prices you want to beleive. In their super deals category customers can shop an extensive range of colored skinny plus size jeans for under $30. New styles in trendy plus size dresses from $20-$32 and huge discounts on their trendy plus size clothing including: sweaters, dresses, tops, coats and tunics.

Check The Plus Size Chart Below For Tops!

Extended Plus Size And Teenager Plus Size Chart

TOPS Extended Plus Size And Teenager Plus Size Chart

The two T-Shirt Tops below are available in plus sizes and extended sizes and are priced at just $19.90.

Extended Size Clothing

Extended Size Clothing Price

Get the latest printed t-shirts in trendy plus size teens XXXL Clothing.

Extended Size Tshirt

Extended Size Tshirt

The Dr. Martens collection is just a sample of the fantastic range of shoes and boots in sizes up to an “size 11” specially for those of us with wider feet.  Alloy’s extensive collection of runners, shoes and boots includes over 4 pages of stylish boot designs and another 4 pages of fashionable shoes.

Dr. Martens Victorian Flowers up to size 11

Dr. Martens Victorian Flowers
Boots Price: $119.90

Dr. Martens Pascal

Dr. Martens Pascal Boots $119.00

Just New In!! The Alloy Exclusive Corduroy Colored Skinny Jeans in Magneta (pictured), Mocca and Peacock. These colored skinny jeans are priced between $29.90-$34.90 depending on your size and made with a fabric mix of cotton and spandex to give added “STRETCH” for comfort and control.

Check The Plus Size Chart Below For Jeans!

Extended Plus Size And Teenager Plus Size Chart

JEANS Extended Plus Size And Teenager Plus Size Chart

The highly sort after colored skinny jeans with twill five-pockets and low-rise made by Spoon have an 11″ leg opening and offer in seams of 30″, 32″, 35″ and 37″.

Alloy Exclusive Colored Corduroy Skinny Jeans

Alloy Exclusive Colored Corduroy Skinny Jeans
Extended Size Price: $34.90

Also in the super deals are the Paris Colored Skinny Jeans collection. These skinny jeans come in eight colors have a 95% customer satisfaction ranking and come in extended sizes. Pictured below is the colored skinny jean in orange just one of the many colors available and are a great buy at $23.92 – $27.92.

Paris Colored Skinny Extended Sizes Jeans

Paris Colored Skinny Jeans Extended Sizes Price: $27.92

The Burnout Off-Shoulder trendy plus size sweater below caught my eye as well! It comes in red, blue and charcoal and is priced at just $36.90.

Burnout Off-Shoulder trendy sweater

Burnout Off-Shoulder Trendy Sweater

This gorgeous sweater creates a care free casual look that would complement a pair of the Ruche-Waist Wide-Leg Knit Pants pictured below priced between $29.90 – $34.90.

Ruche-Waist Wide-Leg Knit Pants

Ruche-Waist Wide-Leg Knit Pants

Shopping for plus size clothing can be made easy at just browse over our selection of shops that offer women’s fashion in plus sizes and trendy plus size teenage clothing exclusively for plus sizes to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Trendy Plus Size Clothing That Teens Can Afford

Plus size teen’s often like to choose clothing that has an individual style and is sometimes a little different from any one elses. Shopping online is the best place to find this type of trendy plus size clothing that has been made for this age group in plus sizes.

There is a collection of trendy plus size clothing at Simply Be designed by Joe Brown that I think you will just love, it offers trendy plus size clothing for girls in sizes 14 up to size 32 at quite low prices.

The Lace Detail Plus Size Cardi below is a real fashion statement for teens and I’m pretty sure no one in your street or block will have one like it.

Joe Browns Lace Detail Cardi

Joe Browns Lace Detail Cardi Price : £42.00

The Tie Jersey Plus Size Top below shows a glimpse of the trendy plus size clothing available at Simply Be including trendy plus size tops and trendy plus size tunic dresses.

Joe Browns Tie Jersey Plus Size Top

Joe Browns Tie Jersey Plus Size Top Price: £32.00

Plus size teens can also check out the Betty Boop plus size tee’s and the Fried Frog plus size tee’s, plus size sweaters and plus size cardigans designed by Joe Brown.

Joe Browns Betty Boop Plus Size Tee

Joe Browns Betty Boop Plus Size Tee Price: £28.00

Fried Frog Plus Size Sweater

Fried Frog Sweater Priced: £45.00

Joe Brown also offers a range of trendy plus size jeans, trendy plus size skirts, trendy plus size track pants and trendy plus size trousers. The plus size jeans come in a variety of designs including, wide leg, straight leg, light and loose plus size jeans and cargo plus size pants.

The khaki colour plus size pants below come in a normal cargo fit and have metallic stitching and lots of other interesting features. These trendy plus size pants can be worn  rolled up or down and come in other colors.

Joe Browns Roll Up Roll Down Trousers

Joe Browns Roll Up Roll Down Plus Size Trousers Price: £48.00

Girls can also pick up the essential items like plus size cami’s and plus size leggings for underneath their plus size tunic tops, long plus size sweaters or plus size dresses just like the tie dye knit plus size sweater pictured below.

Joe Browns Tye Dye Knit Plus Size Sweater

Joe Browns Tye Dye Knit Plus Size Sweater Price: £42.00

I just love this collection by Joe Brown it offers plus size teens a choice of designer label clothing at an affordable price. This range has over 110 different plus size fashion items for customers to look over and I guarantee it is well worth your time. To find a selection of plus size shops that carry trendy plus size teen fashion just like the Joe Brown collection or if you prefer to shop for a little plus size gothic, plus size rockabilly, plus size retro or just trendy plus size fashion  follow this link to the plus size teen clothing category at plussize4you.

Shop Plus Size Teenager Clothing At Torrid

Torrid is a fantastic plus size clothing store that offers one of the best and biggest range of plus size clothing for plus size teens and  young women. Their categories include a new retro chic range, the indigo girl range, the opportunity to shop in their plus size dress boutique and the plus size denim lounge. Although Torrid is one of the hottest spots for teens to buy plus size trendy clothing they also carry plus size clothing suitable for other age groups.

Just browsing over the clearance items I have noticed over 250 stylish plus size tops some as low as $9.98 with only a  few plus size tops priced over the $30.00 mark. The picture below of the Snake Print Chiffon Grecian Top was selling for $38.00 is now on the clearance rake for $29.98.

Snake Print Chiffon Grecian

Snake Print Chiffon Grecian Price: $29.98

If your into plus size tee’s with print then you will have plenty to choose
from like Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Crew Tee, Grey Muppets Glee
Club, Marvel Heroes Purple Ladies Night Crew, Let Love Shine’ Gold Foil V-Neck Tee in black or grey, Black Adam Lambert Feather Tee, Blue Power Rangers ‘Rollin’ Deep’ Tee, Pirates of the Caribbean Grey Crew Tee and many more like the picture below of the Love This Hello Kitty Tee reduced to $19.98.

Hellow Kitty Plus Size Tee Price: $19.98

Other clearance items include plus size bras 50% Off, Ed Hardy Bags 30% Off and 3 pairs of plus size panties for $21.00. I also found  short cardigans that look super cool with the long tee’s. The Black Military Style Plus Size Bolero below is just $29.98 and I have notice other styles in short cardigans available in black and white even cheaper.

Millitary Plus Size Bolero

Black Military Button Bolero Price: $29.98

Just like in the picture above of the Bolero when coupled with the olive plus size tank below looks really great and is priced at $14.98 or if you prefer you can pick up a white, blue or black foxy plus size cami’s for just $9.98.

Plus Size Olive Green Lace Trim Tank Top

Olive Green Lace Trim Tank Top Price: $14.98

The picture below of the Dollhouse Molly Heel Shoes below is an example of the trendy styles of shoes at Torrid. All shoes are in the latest fashion styles and would definitely complement any chosen outfit (sorry this pair is not on sale yet) but they looked so good I just had to show them off.

Dollhouse - Molly Heel - Black (Medium Width) Priced:$69.00

Ok! Back to sale items, these Z. Cavaricci Couture – Maria Black Faux Suede Knee High Boot (Wide Width) have been reduced from  $68.00 to the low price of $29.99 less than half price the perfect time to buy for next year.

Maria Black Faux Suede Knee High Boot Price:$29.99

Now there is just one more item needed complete an out fit and that’s a pair of plus size jeans. Pictured below is a pair of Silver Jeans – Denim Lightwash Frances Flare Plus Size Jeans reduced from $102.00 to a bargain price of $75.98. There are 24 different stylish plus size jeans on sale including stretch skinny plus size jeans for just $34.98. Be sure to check out the plus size clothing clearance sale at Torrid today and find yourself a few bargains.

Silver Jeans - Denim Lightwash Frances Flare Jean Price: $75.98

Visit plussize4you to view a selection of shops all catering for trendy plus size teenagers and young women. Our shops all offer something a little different for example plus size formal, plus size retro, plus size gothic/punk, plus size vintage and lots of others to cater to customers personal preferences, individual taste and styles in plus size clothing and accessories.

Trendy Plus Size Teenager Clothing Hot Spots To Shop

As a teenager sometimes it is difficult to find exactly what your looking for in plus size clothing so I have found a selection of shops online that cater exclusively for plus size teenagers to make shopping a little easier. The shops below offer affordable plus size teenager clothing in the latest designs, colours and fabrics and also ship internationally right to your doorstep.

Delia’s is a leading marketer of clothing, accessories and room wares for teenage girls and young women – and have been since 1993. Delia’s has a large selection of up to date trendy clothing including, teenager plus size clothing, petite plus size clothing and tall plus size clothing made by all the leading designers.

delia's banner is one of my favourite online stores they have 75 different labels to choose from and over 1000 individual items of plus size clothing to browse over. Their range includes over 500 beautiful plus size dresses in styles made to fit perfectly and flatter your shape and size. Plus size dresses to wear to your prom, weddings, formal dinner, party or any special event.  Alights selection of plus size clothing can create any look your after from wearing the popular plus size jeggings with a longish tee and a short waisted plus size cardigan with boots to a casual plus size sweater with a pair of distress denim plus size jeans.

plus size clothing banner is the online shop to find plus size clothing that will add to your individual style offering clothing with a bit of plus size gothic, plus size rockabilly, plus size punk and plus size vintage clothing. If you like to wear trendy plus size retro or the plus size military clothing you will not have to look any wear else because Chicstar has all of these modern styles and designs including the popular gothic plus size corset tops, the Victorian punk plus size corset jackets, corset ribbon asymmetry plus size skirts and the wiggle fishtail plus size skirts and lots more.

Jackdaw Landing is trending with the online range of hell bunny clothing available in plus sizes. Plus size teens and women are able to choose from different styles in plus size rockabilly dresses and tops, plus size pin up girl clothing, plus size swing dresses, plus size 50’s dresses, plus size pencil dresses and skirts, plus size retro pants and retro dresses and a variety of polka dot plus size dresses and plus size tops. Check out the little number below for just $74.00

Hell Bunny Plus Size Dress

Hell Bunny Plus Size Dress Price: $74.00

Jackdaw Landing Pic

Figuresque: Trendy Plus Size Fashions Sizes 14-36. has a very affordable trendy range of plus size clothing in sizes 1x to 6x and also carries an extensive range of plus size lingerie, plus size shapewear, plus size underwear and accessories. is a very popular shopping destination for teens, tweens and young women. They have a great range of plus size fashion that has been targeted towards young girls and young ladies shopping online. Torrid will not disappoint you as they have fun funky range of fashion that is presently trending and their usual plus size clothing lines in classic designs and unique designs that have become best sellers. so whether it’s plus size jeans, plus size tees, plus size dress or plus size underwear you will find it at Torrid.

Shopping online is one of the best options for plus size teenagers and many others who have been unable to find clothing in their own individual style or in up to date fashion clothing. Shopping online has opened doorway to people who live in small country towns issolated by distance from the hussle of city shopping malls and centres. The advantages of shopping online is the variety of shopping option, savings in travel and low prices.

At you can browse a selection of shops that offer the best selections of Women’s plus size clothing on-line including, women’s plus size tops, women’s plus size evening wear, women’s plus size shirts, women’s plus size jeans, women’s plus size jackets, women’s plus size intimates and women’s plus size everything you can think of. We catering for any age group, size and body shape in styles suitable for every possible occasion or event.

Trendy Plus Size Teenager Clothing At Delia’s

 Special offer: Delia’s trendy plus size jeans buy one pair and get the next pair for 1/2 price sale.

I have been busy checking out the gorgeous plus size teenager clothing at Delia’s this week in their teenage plus size category or if your on their site look for extended sizes which also includes plus size petite and plus size tall. If your anything like me and get a little confused by the all the different sizing I have a made up a chart  below with the is exactly the same size chart as Delia’s.

Delia’s has a stylish selection of plus size teenager dresses for every occasion in sizes up to 2x, this little black Strapless chiffon plus size dress with front shirring detail, the “Maya Chiffon Dress” pictured below is priced at just   $44.50 and is suitable to wear to a party or any formal outing.

Maya Chiffon Dress Price: $44.50

Shopping for a pair of jeans ? Well! Delia’s has the latest plus size jeans curvy styles, designs and colours available for trendy plus size teenager’s including:  plus size jeggings, plus size super skinny, plus size skinny, plus size bootcut and plus size flares in fashionable colours like the popular washed blues, dark washes, black, white and grey. 

The  Bailey Boston Wash Low-Rise Flare Jean below comes in five different shades of denim and they are made from cotton and spandex to  ensure a comfortable and flattering fit for any shape or height in sizes up to a 19.

Bailey Boston Wash Low-Rise Flare Jean $39.50

Delia’s teenage plus size jeans cater’s for petite plus sizes, talls plus sizes and plus sizes so no matter what size or shape you are there is a pair for you.  These trendy plus size jeans range in leg length from a 26″ to 37″ so whether you have long or short legs you will find the perfect fit. 

Don’t forget to click the extended sizes option to view the full collection of  plus size jeans available  including the pair of plus size white skinny jeans below that come all the hottest color list for every plus size teenager. They are a five-pocket stretch jean with a super-narrow leg. These plus size jeans are made from cotton and spandex that give extra stretch for a comfy fit.

plus size jeans

Taylor White Low-Rise Skinny Jean Price: $49.50

 Size Chart

XS 0 31 23 33
XS 1/2 32 24 34
S 3/4 33 25 35
S 5/6 34 26 36
M 7/8 35 27 37
M 9/19 36 28 38
L 11/12 37.5 29.5 39.5
L 13/14 39 31 41
XL 15/16 41 33 43
XL 17/18 43 35 45
2XL 19/20 45 37 47
PETITE 28      
SHORT 30      
REGULAR 32      
LONG 34      


Browse over our selection of women’s plus size clothing  at plussize4you including: women’s plus size evening wear & women’s plus size suits, women’s plus size designer dresses, trendy plus size teenage clothing, women’s plus size tops & plus size sweaters, trendy plus size tunic tops, women’s plus size pants, stylish plus size jeans, plus size capri pants, plus size underwear, plus size intimates, plus size skirts & pus size activewear all in the latest styles and designed exclusively for curvy full-figured women

Trendy Plus Size Teen Shopping The Bargains Online

Shopping for teen plus size clothing then check out these bargains below, just like this beautiful purple dress found in the extended size category at  Delia’s.  Their range of plus size dresses come in a variety of casual and classy styles suitable for any occasion. Delias is just one of our many shops at that offer women’s plus size clothing and plus size teen clothing .

Cecelia Taffeta Dress Price: $39.50

I have alway struggled to find fashionable plus size clothing for teenagers online so it was kinda great to find this range of trendy plus size teen clothing on sale at Delia’s. They have all the well-known brands like Reese, Bailey NYC, Elle, Converse, Chantel and lots of others. In their accessories category they have scarves, hats and gloves, cosmetics, jewelry (Salina Bracelets), tights, socks and bags so all the “Must Have” items teens love, at bargains prices. Delia’s is a the best shop to buy trendy plus size teen clothing and accessories. Delia’s also offers regular sizes in their store, so be sure to go into the extended sizes category when shopping for plus size teen clothing.

NEW! Labor Day Sale: Take 15% off entire purchase with code LABD15


Ella Eiffel Tower Brushed Dolman Price: $19.50

Devin Brass Button Peacoat Price: $89.50

Mineral Wash Ruched Legging Price: $19.50


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