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Women’s Plus Size Clothing Starts With “Lane Bryant Clothing”

I have been doing a history check on this label and have found the story of Lena Bryant to be quite fascinating. While your reading through the history below I thought you might like to look at some pictures of the women’s plus size clothing sale items at Lane Bryant’s online store . You know this is the best time to grab a bargain. I have also slipped in a gorgeous plus size top at the bottom by DKNY Jeans, check it out!

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This label dates way back to the early 1900 when a young widow and her small child lived in the back of a storefront on 5th Avenue. Lena had taken out a loan to start a dressmaking business after acquiring the necessary skills while working as a seamstress.  The bank officer spelt her name on the Business Application as Lane instead of Lena so the clothing business was officially named Lane Bryant by mistake. 

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Lena went from sewing dresses into designing and making maternity wear after being asked by her customers to make clothing for expectant mothers that would be comfortable and suitable to wear outside the home. This clothing line ended up as the first commercially manufactured garment to be made and soon became the most popular selling product in the store.

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Lena married again and had three more children, her new husband “Alfred” was an engineer and helped run the accounting and marketing side of the business.  Lena and Alfred fought a long battle with the printing companies to run advertisements in the local newspaper as it was improper to mention a woman in child let alone print an advertisement for maternity clothing. Finally an advert was run and the maternity line sold out in one day.

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Together they completed surveys and used statistical data on women’s shape and size to cement their decision to manufacture a line of clothing for women who did not fit into the slim hourglass category.  This was the beginning of the extremely successful Lane Bryant Clothing “women’s plus size clothing” line that became the largest plus-size retailer in the United States. Lena passed away in 1951 leaving the company to her children.

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Lena Bryant was a pioneer in progressive human relations and an inspiration to all women and will always be remembered not only for her contributions to the clothing industry but also for her caring and compassionate nature as one of the first companies to offer employee’s incentives like profit sharing, insurances, pension and medical plans and also for her generosity to charity organisations including the Red Cross helping victims affected in the 1947 fires in Texas.  The Lane Bryant Clothing legacy lives on through Lena’s and Albert’s grandsons and Lena’s great grandsons.

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