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Women’s plus Size Dresses 24 Size 26 Sizes 28 Sizes 30 and Size 32

It wasn’t that long ago that I put pen to paper and wrote about the struggle plus size women are having finding plus size clothing with style and flair suitable for any age group. Well I’m happy to say there have been positive changes within the women’s plus size clothing industry. I have seen an increase in the number of women’s plus size clothing shops online and an increase in the variety of plus size clothing these shops are offering plus sized women. Finding quality and stylish designs in size 20,  size 22, size 24, size 26, size 28, size 30 and size 32 has become a lot easier online.

Women’s Plus Size evening dresses can be found with the click of your mouse at popular online shops like, Prom Girl, FX Prom, Kiyonna, Curvissa, Anne Harvey, Simply Be, Yours Clothing and many more plus size shopping options at plussize4you. 

The formal plus size dress below is from the plus size dress category at Prom Girl where they have a variety of stylish women’s plus size dresses, women’s plus size prom dresses, women’s plus size gowns and women’s plus size evening dresses designed by Faviana, Sydney’s Closet, Night Moves and many other high-profile labels.

Scarlett Halter Maxi Dress

Scarlett Halter Plus Size Maxi Dress Price:$ 190.00

FX Prom is another women’s plus size dress shop carries stylish formal plus size dresses by 30 of the best fashion designers. The gorgeous strapless plus size prom dress pictured below designed by Night Moves is an example of the elegant style and designs of the formal plus size prom dresses to browse over in plus sizes. All of these formal plus size dresses can easily be worn by women of any age and to a range of special occasions. The plus size prom dress below is priced at just $298 and comes in charcoal or red and in size 14, size 16, size 18, size 20, size 22, size 24, size 26, size 28, size 30 and size 32. 

Strapless plus size prom dress

Strapless plus size prom dress By Night Moves Price:$298.00

Shopping at FX Prom is a little confusing as the plus size selection seems limited with only one designer range of plus size prom dresses, but if you venture into the other designer categories you will find hundreds of formal plus size dresses just like the one pictured below that is absolutely beautifully designed by Precious Moments (not found in the plus size section). This stunning plus size dress is available in bronze, emerald and navy in sizes up to size 30, so if your somewhere in between and like this dress you’re in luck. 

Precious Moments Formal Plus Size Dress

Formal Plus Size Dress By Precious Moments Price: $378.00

Women who don’t need anything quite as glamorous as a formal plus size dress or a plus size prom dress will find a selection of stylish plus size evening dresses and plus size dresses in size 14, size 16, size 18, size 20, size 22, size 24, size 26, size 28  and size 30, size 32 at places like Kiyonna, Curvissa, Anne Harvey, Simply Be and Yours Clothing just to name a few. The dress below is from the women’s plus size dress category at Curvissa a great place to find stylish plus size clothing for all ages. 

Embroidered Plus Size Evening Dress

Embroidered Plus Size Evening Dress Price: £99.00

The stretch satin plus size dress below is from the Kiyonna plus size dress category and ranges in sizes from size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18, size 20, size 22, size 24, size 26, size 28, size 30 and size 32, Kiyonna also ship internationally.

Samantha Cinch Plus Size Dress
Samantha Cinch Dress Price: $98.00

Kiyonna  is well-known for the high standard of quality and service. They carry a stylish sophisticated range of women’s plus size clothing and have over 50 beautifully made stylish women’s plus size dresses for customers to choose from.