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New Trendy Plus Size Teenager / Young Women’s Clothing At Alloy

Alloy has a fantastic range of new fashion in plus size clothing for young women and trendy plus size teenagers at prices you want to beleive. In their super deals category customers can shop an extensive range of colored skinny plus size jeans for under $30. New styles in trendy plus size dresses from $20-$32 and huge discounts on their trendy plus size clothing including: sweaters, dresses, tops, coats and tunics.

Check The Plus Size Chart Below For Tops!

Extended Plus Size And Teenager Plus Size Chart

TOPS Extended Plus Size And Teenager Plus Size Chart

The two T-Shirt Tops below are available in plus sizes and extended sizes and are priced at just $19.90.

Extended Size Clothing

Extended Size Clothing Price

Get the latest printed t-shirts in trendy plus size teens XXXL Clothing.

Extended Size Tshirt

Extended Size Tshirt

The Dr. Martens collection is just a sample of the fantastic range of shoes and boots in sizes up to an “size 11” specially for those of us with wider feet.  Alloy’s extensive collection of runners, shoes and boots includes over 4 pages of stylish boot designs and another 4 pages of fashionable shoes.

Dr. Martens Victorian Flowers up to size 11

Dr. Martens Victorian Flowers
Boots Price: $119.90

Dr. Martens Pascal

Dr. Martens Pascal Boots $119.00

Just New In!! The Alloy Exclusive Corduroy Colored Skinny Jeans in Magneta (pictured), Mocca and Peacock. These colored skinny jeans are priced between $29.90-$34.90 depending on your size and made with a fabric mix of cotton and spandex to give added “STRETCH” for comfort and control.

Check The Plus Size Chart Below For Jeans!

Extended Plus Size And Teenager Plus Size Chart

JEANS Extended Plus Size And Teenager Plus Size Chart

The highly sort after colored skinny jeans with twill five-pockets and low-rise made by Spoon have an 11″ leg opening and offer in seams of 30″, 32″, 35″ and 37″.

Alloy Exclusive Colored Corduroy Skinny Jeans

Alloy Exclusive Colored Corduroy Skinny Jeans
Extended Size Price: $34.90

Also in the super deals are the Paris Colored Skinny Jeans collection. These skinny jeans come in eight colors have a 95% customer satisfaction ranking and come in extended sizes. Pictured below is the colored skinny jean in orange just one of the many colors available and are a great buy at $23.92 – $27.92.

Paris Colored Skinny Extended Sizes Jeans

Paris Colored Skinny Jeans Extended Sizes Price: $27.92

The Burnout Off-Shoulder trendy plus size sweater below caught my eye as well! It comes in red, blue and charcoal and is priced at just $36.90.

Burnout Off-Shoulder trendy sweater

Burnout Off-Shoulder Trendy Sweater

This gorgeous sweater creates a care free casual look that would complement a pair of the Ruche-Waist Wide-Leg Knit Pants pictured below priced between $29.90 – $34.90.

Ruche-Waist Wide-Leg Knit Pants

Ruche-Waist Wide-Leg Knit Pants

Shopping for plus size clothing can be made easy at plussize4you.com just browse over our selection of shops that offer women’s fashion in plus sizes and trendy plus size teenage clothing exclusively for plus sizes to ensure a perfect fit every time.


Shop Colored Skinny Jeans In Plus Sizes Online Today!!

Check out what everyone is wearing this year! Yep! those colored skinny jeans seem to be all the go. I have been searching the net for these colored skinny jeans in plus sizes and found a choice of colors in plus size skinny jeans at a few popular online clothing shops for you to check out, they all offer good value shopping for you dollar.

Shop At Delia’s: The best deals I have found for our young ladies and plus size teens is at Delia’s, they offer customers the biggest  variety of  colours in their low-rise skinny jeans in sizes up to a size 19/20.

Here is the size chart for you to check your size:

Jeans Size Chart

Delia’s own, Britt Low-Rise Skinny Jeans are priced between $34.50 – $39.50 and if you do BUY ONE, YOU GET THE NEXT PAIR AT 50% OFF ! So for example you can get two pairs of the colored plus size skinny jeans pictured below for only $52.00.

Red Skinny Plus Size Jeans

Red Skinny Plus Size Jeans

Britt Low-Rise Skinny Plus Size Jean

Britt Low-Rise Skinny Plus Size Jean


Shop At Alight: Where they offer the Five Pocket Colored Plus Size Skinny Jeans by Exocet. These colored skinny jeans seem to be a popular choice for plus sizes as the size ranges from a size 14 (40″waist 44″ hips) up to a size 24 (waist 43″, hips 52″-XXXL).

The Five Pocket Colored Skinny Jeans  pictured below feature a button fly, three open front pockets, two back pockets and in a fabric mix of 98% cotton and 2% spandex.  These Colored Plus Size Skinny Jeans are available in the color, sea green, green, red (pictured ), black, jade and royal blue and priced at a low $42.00.

Five Pocket Skinny Colored Plus Size Jeans

Five Pocket Skinny Colored Plus Size Jeans Price: $42.00


Shop At Torrid: A hot destination for teenagers and young ladies shopping for quality plus size fashion online. Time to check out their New Stiletto Skinny Jeans labeled as being the sexiest fit ever for plus sizes! These  Stiletto Skinny Jeans are on sale right now.  The Stiletto Skinny Jeans are available in all your usual denim colors, white, teal and raspberry. The Raspberry Ankle Zip Stiletto Plus Size Skinny Jeans pictured below is priced at $54.00.


SO  TAKE 50% OFF EVERYTHING YOU BUY…  The Colored Plus Size Skinny Jeans just went down to the SALE PRICE OF: $27.00.  These coloured plus size skinny jeans come in size 12 through to size 28 which is a 48″ waist and a 57″ hip.

Raspberry Ankle Zip Stiletto Jeans

Raspberry Ankle Zip Stiletto Jeans Price:$54.00

At plussize4you.com we offer plus sizes the opportunity to browse over a variety of different shops offering women’s and teenager plus size clothing, plus size skinny jeans and plus size underwear online. As the net is getting more and more congested with off the topic websites using any means to be seen it is quite hard to find a variety of large size clothing shopping options,  instead of searching only to find one item of clothing.

Visit plussize4you for all your plus size needs.